About Bragghost

Bragghost is a privately-owned and black-owned web hosting company, providing high-speed web hosting services and domain names at affordable rates. Bragghost also offers premium and professional web design services. Our goal as a company is to give businesses and individuals the tools and resources they need to better conduct business online on a platform that is safe, flexible, and fast.

Bragghost began in 2020 as a personal project and long-term entrepreneurial venture for founder and owner Gregory Braggs Jr. Inspired by God and in accordance with his faith and beliefs, Gregory began Bragghost to help people and businesses meet their greatest potential. Gregory is an award-winning web designer and his company, Bragghost is a rising competitor in the web hosting and web design industry across the United States of America.

Everyone has a story to tell. We believe that what you have to say is valuable. One way to get peoples attention is through a website. If it’s for business, personal use, or an organization, as a unique individual or entity, you have something to brag about.

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