Find Your New Domain Name






Domain Configuration

Optional Add-ons for your domain.


ID Protection

Protect your personal information and reduce the amount of spam to your inbox by enabling ID Protection.

Email Forwarding

Get emails forwarded to alternate email addresses of your choice so that you can monitor all from a single account.

DNS Management

External DNS Hosting can help speed up your website and improve availability with increased redundancy.

Free & Auto SSL Certificates

When you buy a web hosting account, the SSL sets itself up automatically.

Added Security for your website

Boost Google search ranking

$90+/year per domain savings

Renews automatically

Unlimited free reissues

Protects multiple websites per account

Compatible with all major browsers

Displays a Security Seal on your site

Protects domains and subdomains

Transfer your Domain to Bragghost

If you already have a domain at another provider and would like to move it to Bragghost, follow the steps below. Don’t worry if your domain isn’t ready for renewal, you won’t lose anytime you’ve already paid for.

Transfer a Domain in 3 Easy Steps


Request code

Remove your domain lock from your current domain registrar. You should receive an EEP code / Authorization code for the transfer.


Initiate Transfer

On the domain transfer page, enter the domain name you want to transfer to us in the search, set up your account, and pay.


Confirm Transfer

You will receive an email to verifying your intent to transfer. Once you confirm, wait a few days for the process to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the unique online address for your website. This is where your online presence begins. A domain name is essential in making your website easy to find and easy to communicate to other people. As a business, having a domain name is just as important as having a phone number.

What is domain name registration? How does it work?

Domain name registration is the process of finding and claiming a web address, like

First, search to see if the domain name you would like to use is available. If it is, you can claim the domain for your own use by registering it. This includes an annual renewal fee. If the annual fee is not paid, the domain name will go up for registeration again, meaning that anyone will be able to claim it.

How do I get a free domain name?

Bragghost offered a free domain name for the first year to new customers who purchase web hosting. You must choose a new domain name or begin the transferral of an existing domain name to be eligible.

Can I transfer a domain name to Bragghost?

Yes. If you have already registered your domain name with another provider (such as, you may use the button above to “transfer your domain” from them over to us. Don’t worry if it’s not up for renewal, you won’t lose any time you’ve already paid for, most domains (i.e. .com, .net, .org) actually get an additional year free once transferred.

Can I include a number in my domain name?

Yes! Domain names can include letters, numbers, and hyphens (-).

How long does my domain name registration last? How do I renew my domain?

Domain registration last 1 year and must be renewed annually to remain active. Bragghost makes it easy with friendly email reminders and auto-renewals to help you stay online. You can either pay early (manually, through the email reminders) or let the auto-renewal charge you on the renewal date.

What is the difference between a domain name and web hosting?

A domain name is the name people will use to navigate to your website. Web hosting is the storage/back-end of your website, which makes it functional. Both are independent of each other and can be purchased separately, but both are necessary for every website.